Russian FSB plants “prohibited literature” to imprison Crimean Tatar activists for ten years or maybe more

Russia has completed a brand new revolution of armed queries and arrests in occupied Bakhchysarai, this time around focusing on two sons of the recognized Crimean Tatar historian and A television ATR presenter, now surviving in mainland Ukraine, that has provided coverage of political repression under Russian career. This is an evident attack on civic activists and journalists involved in the human rights initiative Crimean Solidarity and attempt to terrorize other Crimean Tatars into leaving Crimea or falling silent about persecution and other rights violations as with all such ‘operations’ over the last few years.

Armed and sometimes masked officers resulted in at seven houses in the beginning 11 March, undertaking a unlawful search also of a house that’s not presently occupied. All the lawyers who arrived to represent the men were prevented from being present during the search in typical breach of procedure. In a minumum of one situation, ‘prohibited literature’ had been planted by the FSB, that has been an action they demonstrably didn’t desire attorneys recording.

Any particular one of this aims associated with activities on 11 March ended up being terrorization is obvious through the gratuitous wide range of queries and domiciles targeted. Crimean Solidarity coordinator Lutfiye Zudiyeva describes that the search ended up being carried from the house of Crimean Solidarity civic journalist Seydamet Mustafayev, although their title is certainly not incorporated into this brand new ‘case’. Not just did the enforcement officers carry on utilizing the search although Mustafayev himself had not been in the home, nonetheless they took their senior daddy, Enver Mustafayev away. They usually have since released him.

The FSB had been similarly well conscious that ATR presenter Seytumer Seytumerov had kept Crimea after persecution in 2018 and they carried out the search regardless that they would only find his elderly mother at home, yet.

Four Crimean Tatars have already been arrested: the 2 sons of historian Shurki Seytumorv – Seytumer Seytumerov (also a historian) along with his bro Osman Seytumerov, the two men’s uncle Rustem Seytmemetov and Amet Suleymanov. In accordance with Zudiyeva, the FSB have actually, yet again, targeted civic activists or their family relations.

Suleymanov is really a Crimean Solidarity activist and journalist (streaming information regarding arrests and governmental studies on the online). He’s got recently restricted such activism that is civic but just due to extremely severe heart related illnesses. He is suffering from chronic rheumatic heart disease, aortic insufficiency, coronary artery infection along with other conditions. Each one of these imply that Russia is placing their life at risk through the occasions on 11 March and, still more, his imprisonment within the intolerable conditions regarding the Simferopol SIZO remand prison.

Amet Suleymanov along with his three sons – Ibrahim (now 11), Mukhammad (8) and Mansur (4)

Lawyer Edem Semedlyaev, who was simply avoided from going to the search of Seytumer Seytumerov, says that “as typical, the search ended up being for forbidden literature and technology”. ‘Search’ must certanly be comprehended extremely loosely considering that the FSB increasingly brings the literary works together with them, after which, when you look at the lack of attorneys, claims to have ‘found’ it. Suleymanov’s spouse reports, as an example, that the officers planted two books that are new especially place in guide covers, regarding the desk where kids do their schoolwork.

It’s important to stress that the FSB are actually only enthusiastic about written computer or material technology, and hardly also imagine become to locate tools or comparable. That is of major importance because the four guys arrested on 11 March face prison that is serious under Russia’s ‘terrorism legislation’.

The brothers, Seytumer and Osman Seytumerov, Rustem Seytmemetov and Amet Suleymanov are faced with participation in Hizb ut-Tahrir, a calm pan-islamist celebration which will be appropriate in Ukraine & most other nations, and which just Russia has selected to call ‘terrorist’. No reason that is good ever been given to the very secretive ruling by Russia’s Supreme Court in 2003 to label Hizb ut-Tahrir ‘terrorist’, yet these charges under Article 205.5 § 2 of Russia’s unlawful rule carry a phrase of from 10 to two decades’ imprisonment.

From left Seytumer Seytumerov along with his brother Osman

ATR presenter Seytumer Seytumerov is, for the minute, the only individual who the FSB want to label the ‘organizer’ of the Hizb ut-Tahrir team (Article 205.5 § 1) using this possibly holding a life phrase. Seytumerov is happily safely in mainland Ukraine, with this regrettably and thus the FSB could you will need to pin ‘organizer’ charges on some other person as well – essentially with their paperwork, and also for the bonuses, as well as promotions, that such Hizb ut-Tahrir prosecutions are recognized to bring them.

There’s absolutely no recognizable criminal activity, and none will become necessary, considering that the FSB have actually their particular ‘experts’ prepared to find ‘proof’ of involvement in Hizb ut-Tahrir in innocuous religious conversations. Additionally they plant ‘evidence’ in the shape of publications associated with Hizb ut-Tahrir and employ extremely questionable ‘secret witnesses’ whose testimony can’t be confirmed. Since 2017, Russia is quite freely utilizing such‘terrorism that is fake studies against civic activists and reporters in occupied Crimea, as well as the arrests on 11 March bring to 70 the amount of guys either ‘convicted’ after fatally problematic studies on such costs, or dealing with huge sentences. Another seven children* have experienced their dads recinded in handcuffs. Every one of the males have actually, or should be announced prisoners that are political the Memorial Human Rights Centre. The latter has over and over over repeatedly noticed that Russia isn’t just breaching a unique legislation by imprisoning males for non-existent terrorism, it is additionally breaking worldwide legislation by illegally using its repressive legislation in occupied Crimea.

* Amet Suleymanov has three sons: Ibrahim (b. 16.07.2008); Mukhammad (18.10.2011) and Mansur (11.02.2016). Seytumer Seytumerov features a two-month son that is old Suleyman (b. 14.01.2020), while Rustem Seytmemetov has three young ones – Said, that is 12, Bakhiye (b. 02.10.2013) and Beyan (27.08.2017).