Student loan

The education loan is a government-guaranteed loan that you need to repay. If Kela provides you with that loan guarantee you are able to make an application for that loan at a bank of one’s option.

As the loan is guaranteed by Kela you do not have to hold just about any safety. The mortgage guarantee is legitimate for approximately three decades through the first disbursement of loan funds.

The attention payable from the loan plus the payment routine are agreed between both you and the financial institution.


You will get federal federal government guarantee for a student-based loan if you are being compensated a report grant by Kela or a grownup training allowance by the Employment Fund. Study grant is known as to suggest other types of research grant compared to the additional allowance for the purchase of research materials.

Also if you’re perhaps not compensated a research grant, you could be eligible for that loan guarantee within the following circumstances:

When is that loan guarantee unavailable?

You simply cannot get that loan guarantee when you have past education loan debt which can be being gathered by Kela.

If for example the past education loan is being gathered by Kela, and you also consequently are denied a loan guarantee, you might submit an application for it once more by attractive to excellent reasons. This means a statement must be provided by you to Kela concerning the reasons. The educational funding choice includes guidelines for supplying a declaration. In the event that reasons you lay out into the statement are accepted, you can expect to get a loan guarantee decision that is favourable. If they’re perhaps not accepted, your choice will be unfavourable.

Federal federal Government guarantees for student education loans aren’t open to pupils serving a phrase of imprisonment.

Personal help is a kind of last-resort support that is financial

It is possible to make an application for basic social the assistance of Kela if all your valuable profits and assets as well as other social protection advantages that you may have been granted are not adequate to pay for your necessary everyday cost of living, such as for instance meals and housing.